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There's a great hint over at macosxhints today.

From terminal run:

% defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitResourceTimedLayoutDelay 0.0001


% defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay 0.25

While the actual render time for web pages may be higher now, it _feels_ much faster (and may be more useful as you can sometimes start reading the page sooner).

The default ./configure && gnumake of postgres 8.0.0 on Mac OS X 10.3.7 fails some of its regression tests.

However, passing the '--enable-integer-datetimes' argument to postgres' configure script leads to a build that passes all of the tests.

I've been mulling over in my mind why it's so important to the current administration (and conservatives in general) to reform (or abolish) social security. The obvious reason being that it's not a savings program (what you pay in isn't the only determining factor on what you eventually get out) and so has some quasi-socialistic tendencies (there is some wealth redistribution going on). After reading this entry over at Talking Points Memo, however, I think I have a new insight.

I suppose the main (secret?) reason for abolishing SS would be because it is a tax on corporations.

The general plan to 'fix' this goes something like this:
1. Run up huge deficits (combination of tax cuts and crazy spending).
2. Use the hype from 1 to make SS look insolvent (even though it's not).
3. Switch as much as possible of the employee contributions to SS to private accounts (make use of money/lobying power from Wall Street to help).
4. Phase out the employer portion of the SS money.

To me, this seems like a natural extension of the conservative's inherent distrust of free markets. (For one reason or another, conservatives feel that the market rewards that exist aren't sufficient and so must be supplemented by government/the people.)

... of course I'm probably not the first person to think of this.


Because of my hackery to allow threaded comments, my comment-submit form doesn't look like it lets you use a TypeKey login (which is a shame). I think the information on replacing the MTCommentFields tag at twezersedge.com will let me fix it (when I get some time to mess with it some more).

Update: I've gone through and updated my templates, and I think things look ok again.

Has anyone (phildo?) installed MT-Blacklist under mod_perl?

I followed the install directions (except that I ran the mt-bl-load.cgi script from the shell). ... but when I restart the webserver and attempt to visit any MT site, I get an error like this '[Mon Jan 17 10:59:04 2005] [error] Can't call method "connection" on an undefined value at /Users/WebServer/mt/lib/MT/App.pm line 593.\n'

Perhaps it's because there's not a ScriptAlias directive that points to my MT install anymore (so it can only be accessed via mod_perl)...

I suppose I'll figure it out eventually ;)

This FM transmitter and auto charger (in one) is something to drool for.

About the only better thing would be a dedicated connection (like the BMW 3 series' option) ... but since I don't plan on buying a new car any time soon (and all of the dedicated options for after-market stereo systems that I've seen are prohibitively expensive), I'll probably get one of these.


Upgrading to MT3 worked pretty well overall.

However, I did have one problem. The mt-upgrade30.cgi script appears to contain an error (on line 114) which causes it to error out after doing some (but not all) of the necessary postgres schema changes.

I manually completed the rest of the changes and it appears to be working.

However, 'alter table mt_author drop constraint mt_author_author_name_key' should probably be changed to 'drop index mt_author_name_key' in the mt-upgrade30.cgi script on line 114 if one is to expect it to work with postgres.

I've just installed the very slick MT-DSBL plugin (set to require approval for any comments that contain matching URLs). This should help somewhat with comment spam.

I'll look into installing MT-Blacklist soon.

Both threaded comments and threaded comment notification (lj-style) appear to be working for me with my new MT 3.14 install.

I installed the original plugins for both MTThreadMail and MTThreadedComments and then made the following changes:

% diff lib/MT/Comment.pm.orig lib/MT/Comment.pm
--- lib/MT/Comment.pm.orig Fri Jan 14 15:24:12 2005
+++ lib/MT/Comment.pm Fri Jan 14 15:41:33 2005
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
columns => [
'id', 'blog_id', 'entry_id', 'author', 'commenter_id',
- 'visible', 'email', 'url', 'text', 'ip',
+ 'visible', 'email', 'url', 'text', 'ip', 'subject', 'parent_id', 'notify',
indexes => {
ip => 1,
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@
email => 1,
commenter_id => 1,
visible => 1,
+ parent_id => 1,
audit => 1,
datasource => 'comment',

% diff lib/MT/App/Comments.pm.orig lib/MT/App/Comments.pm
--- lib/MT/App/Comments.pm.orig Fri Jan 14 15:22:12 2005
+++ lib/MT/App/Comments.pm Fri Jan 14 16:03:00 2005
@@ -365,6 +365,36 @@
$send_notfn_email = !$commenter_has_comment
&& !$comment->visible();
+ if ($q->param('parent_id'))
+ {
+ my $parent = MT::Comment->load($comment->parent_id);
+ if ($parent->notify)
+ {
+ my $comment_from_mail = $comment->author;
+ if( $comment_from_mail eq '' )
+ {
+ $comment_from_mail = 'webmaster@geeklair.net';
+ }
+ require MT::Mail;
+ my %head = ( To => $parent->email,
+ From => $comment_from_mail,
+ Subject =>
+ '[' . $blog->name . '] ' .
+ $app->translate('New Reply to Your Comment')
+ );
+ my $charset = $app->{cfg}->PublishCharset || 'iso-8859-1';
+ $head{'Content-Type'} = qq(text/plain; charset="$charset");
+ my $body = $app->translate( 'A new comment has been posted on to [_1], in response to your post to \'[_2]\'.',
+ $blog->name, $entry->title);
+ require Text::Wrap;
+ $Text::Wrap::cols = 72;
+ $body = Text::Wrap::wrap('', '', $body) . "\n$comment_link\n\n" .
+ $app->translate('From:') . ' ' . $comment->author . "\n" .
+ $app->translate('Subject:') . ' ' . $comment->subject . "\n\n" .
+ $app->translate('Comments:') . "\n\n" . $comment->text . "\n";
+ MT::Mail->send(\%head, $body);
+ }
+ }
if ($blog->email_new_comments || $send_notfn_email)
$app->_send_comment_notification($comment, $comment_link,
@@ -422,6 +452,9 @@
$comment->url(MT::Util::is_valid_url($url, 'stringent'));
+ $comment->subject($q->param('subject'));
+ $comment->parent_id($q->param('parent_id'));
+ $comment->notify($q->param('notify'));

return ($comment, $commenter);
@@ -464,6 +497,7 @@
(comment_email => $comment->email):()),
comment_url => $comment->url,
+ comment_subject => $comment->subject,
comment_text => $comment->text,
unapproved => !$comment->visible(),
@@ -821,6 +855,8 @@

my $ctx = MT::Template::Context->new;
$ctx->stash('entry', $entry);
+ $ctx->stash('comment_parent_id', $q->param('parent_id'));
+ $ctx->stash('comment_notify', $q->param('notify'));
$ctx->stash('commenter', $cmntr) if ($cmntr);
$ctx->{current_timestamp} = $entry->created_on;
my %cond = (

I've just installed the upgrade to MT3 on geeklair.net

I've included MTThreadedComments and MTThreadMail (thank goodness I know perl ;-) ).

This should enable better comment-spam fighting. When I get a chance, I'll look into getting all the latest goodies set up here soon.

See this picture.

The Mac mini fits inside of a cube!


Well, I've ordered the new clutch/flywheel and it should arrive in ~ 2 weeks.

Which means I have two weeks to either decide I'm insane, or purchase the other tools I need (and also decide if I'm going to have the synchro's in the transmission replaced while I have it out -- which I'm probably going to find someone to do).

I guess I'll learn a lot and get to use my 'plumbing words' ;-)

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