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Tomorrow I'm going to install additional RAM in the geeklair.net server.

I'm also installing a 3rd hard disk (to run as a standby disk for the software RAID mirror). I decided to go with a Western Digital Caviar drive (WD2500JB) instead of another Seagate (even though the Seagates have longer warranties) in order to have some drive hardware diversity (hopefully it'll make it less likely for everything to fail at once as almost happened last time).

I'm also going to bring a Mac serial to 'normal' serial cable in yet another attempt to get serial console working on the machine (with the Stealth Serial Port adaptor - I've already got getty running so hopefully it should 'just work').

If everything goes well, I'll be able to schedule some time in the not-too-distant future to move the machine to the Chicago POP for more bandwidth and more stable power.

Update: Upgrade successful, will try to play with serial console this afternoon.

PhysMem: 95.4M wired, 138M active, 352M inactive, 586M used, 1.43G free

Name: newRAID
Unique ID: D0088F10-0F83-4434-BE47-F76EC96DB966
Type: Mirror
Status: Online
Device Node: disk3
Apple RAID Version: 2
# Device Node UUID Status
9999 disk0s3 17D0AD73-FE26-4998-964D-6A3921B2DD9A Spare
1 disk1s3 A85951D7-B9C9-47E7-9A3A-8BCE2DD0954D Online
0 disk2s3 5F9D0E36-FB6B-4749-B386-C0D67780158C Online

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