Another post about Snow Tires

Normally, I put the snow tires on the cars right around Thanksgiving (a little earlier if it starts snowing earlier, but often it's on the Friday after...)

I just put the snows on the IS300, they look like they'll be through the good multicell compound after this season, though. I'll probably end up purchasing a similar set (Bridgestone Blizzak WS60) next fall to replace them. The Pirelli p-zeros look really good (and don't appear to have as extreme wear on the inside because of the alignment I had done when they were mounted). I'll be looking forward to having them back on the car in the spring.

I need to swap the tires on the Matrix, but it'll be dark outside before Anne gets back with it, so I'll probably do it tomorrow (or this weekend). It's not as urgent as the 'summer' tires are still the OEM all-season ones.

Normally putting the snow tires on means that it'll be another week or two of really sunny weather, but the forecast still says 1"-2" of accumulation in the next couple of days.

[Good thing I already took care of the leaves in the yard].



You know who else put snow tires on the IS300?


I could be really amusing here, if only snow tires had been invented by a man named Godwin.

Nothing of note has happened since early December of last year?

Not anything spectacular ... (I guess I could have posted about removing my snow tires and putting the summer ones on).

Mostly I just haven't really felt like writing anything up.

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