Darwinports Perl Upgrade

Darwinports doesn't currently expose a way for the perl module ports (p5-foo) to say that they need to be rebuilt when upgrading perl.

So, one needs to remove all of the p5-foo ports and re-install them after upgrading.

Here's one way of doing it (tcsh):

$ port installed | grep p5 | cut -f 3 -d " " > perl_ports.txt
$ foreach i (`cat perl_ports.txt`)
foreach -> sudo port -d -v -f uninstall $i
foreach -> sudo port -d -v -f clean --archive $i
foreach -> end


$ foreach i (`cat perl_ports.txt`)
foreach -> sudo port -d -v install $i
foreach -> end



You need a colo that's close to home in a 24 hour staffed DC. :)

If only such a colo existed (and was free :) ).

The geeklair is probably going to move to Chicago.

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