I've always diskliked JavaScript

On my 10.2.6 system, with Safari 1.0, NetBank's "bankmail" feature doesn't work right.

You're supposed to click an image link and have a new window pop up. The link goes to javascript:PCMMail() which looks like this:

function PCMMail()
var url = "https://securemessaging.netbank.com/secureMessaging/consumerUI/inbox.asp?
open(url, "NETBANK", "scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes,location=0,resizable=1,copyhistory=1");

(I've changed the u, t, and s variable values and moved them down a line)

If I copy the URL from the page source, and put it in a new Safari window, it works. If I click on the link a new window opens and I get an "Incorrect Parameter" error from NetBank.

I imagine that the server-side stuff must be expecting some IE specific craziness (as it works in IE), however it also seems to work in OmniWeb 4.5b2 (which I thought used WebCore, but maybe not JavaScriptCore hmmm).

I should probably bother to actually learn some JavaScript and figure out what is really going on.

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