Your Own Boss

This article (that I found via slashdot), talks about what a lot of technical people I know have thought about doing.

It seems like nothing ever really happens, though.

There obviously are a bunch of people who want tech support, IS/IT people, system administration, or whatever but can't afford to have people on staff. And then there are all those clueless 'network integrators' that got paid for not knowing how to connect businesses to their isdn lines...

This should be something that's relatively easy, interesting, and fulfilling ... but why aren't people I know doing it? (Or, why haven't those who have tried succeeded?).

I'm not doing it because my job is pretty secure, and I don't really have incentive to just try something new/risky like that right now.

Perhaps that's how it is with everyone I know, or maybe it's something else?

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