Obligatory comments on Power Outage

As promised.

So we still don't know exactly what happened. Something in Ohio, the product of deregulation, Canada did it, Canada didn't do it, I plugged in the microwave while using my electric range and the AC kicked in.

Sorry about that.

On the one hand, I'm not surprised by the lack of information. But then, perhaps I've become too cynical and I _should_ be surprised?

I did expect more from politicians blaming each other for the problem. Or from democratic candidates blaming Bush (it's only fair, I'm sure he'll try to use it to drill in Alaska, give more money to energy companies, build more nuclear - nucular - power plants, etc.)

I was planning on writing a longer diatribe about it, but I'm bored with the idea of it. Thinking about it just makes me irritated.

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