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I've been thinking about my job a bit lately. Don't get the wrong impression, I'm very grateful for it, and the flexibility working from home gives me makes it much easier to get lots of work done and still do other things (mostly fencing).

However, I'm starting to feel a bit unhappy with it. Fist of all, there's the whole lack of human contact thing. Then, there's the fact that what I'm doing isn't exactly challenging (more tedious, with nothing non-tedious in sight). While I have been able to do some design work, I haven't been able to do much. It doesn't look like I will be working on a group-project at all in the near future (much less run one).

Sometimes I think I would almost rather be doing sysadmin work somewhere (ok, not really :) ).

I would like to be able to work on things that interest me, though.

... and I would like to spend more time working with Cocoa and/or WebObjects. When I do spend time playing with them, I get more done with less effort. It's a lot more fun when it feels like the computer is working for me, than when I feel like I have to do the same things over and over (or fight the same things over and over).

I suppose if I spent more time on the framework(s) I wrote for my projects at work, it would be better, but I just can't devote the time necessary to them (I have to produce finished projects and not just really good and useful code).

Maybe I just need a vacation.

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1 Comment

Vacation. Definitely, vacation. I have had similar experiences before and a vacation has always helped put things in perspective. You will see things slightly different and add clarity to your original concerns and thoughts..

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