I upgraded spamassassin to 2.60-rc2 today.

I also installed pyzor and dcc (razor2 was already installed).

I got spamd running and reading user prefs so people can add custom tests like this:

header VIA_DSL Received =~ /dsl/i
describe VIA_DSL Host that appears to be using DSL
score VIA_DSL 1.0

... to their ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs

It's pretty cool. After training the bayesian filter, I'm getting really good results. (It was good before, but it's really good now).

I should make a donation and start using the SpamCop Blocking List for my personal mail too.

Anyone interested in using pyzor needs to run 'pyzor discover' from their $HOME. If you want to run razor2 you'll need to run 'razor-admin -register [email address -- optional unless you want to be able to report spam back to razor2]' from your $HOME.

I was running everyone's mail through razor2, but I figured that I'll just let people enable it themselves if they want it (I'm probably the only person on the machine getting enough spam to bother with it).

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I agree with your comments above.
I have a config like this.

spamass 2.60-rc2 (spamc and spamd)
amavis-new (newest)
sendmail (newest) or courier
mysql db
razor2 and dcc
amavis and procmail are local delivery agents in, this keeps sendmail almost default, making build worlds on freebsd a snap.

Put this on a proliant 5500 quad pII xeon 450s... it can chew mail easily. about 3 sec for spamass and 1.5 secs for amavis per email at a load of 2-4. I notice u cannot allow the machine's
queue to get out of hand... 20,000 emails is no joke when u add up the time to process them. customers get angry.

Nice post. nice site.

I just installed -rc3.

After changing spamd/spamc to run with a local unix socket, there's a noticeable speedup.

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