Funny Spam

I'm plowing through the email I've received while away at Danny's wedding.

I'm noticing two things:
1. Spammers are getting more effective at getting past my spam filtering (fooling spamassassin and Apple Mail's Bayesian filtering seems to be the key).
2. Some spam (or macro virus or whatever) is really funny

Take this one:

"Hello there,

I would like to inform you about important information regarding your
email address. This email address will be expiring.
Please read attachment for details.

Best regards, Administrator"

strange that my email account on my domain on a machine that I run is expiring .... ;)



Did I forget to mention that I was planning on hijacking your domain and mail server?

Do you really think that would be wise?

Not really. But it would be funny. ;-)

I suppose I might laugh after I kicked you in the neck. ;)

And I thought I was being unique...*note to self: find new domain to hijack*

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