So, using Mac OS X and sick of warnings about's SSL certificate?

You can solve this by importing the CA certificate. (Hint, an OS upgrade could obliterate this change, so you might want to wait until after installing 10.3. Also, the certtool command on 10.2 won't correctly add the key unless you copy the X509Anchor file to you ~/Library/Keychains/ directory first, use k=X509Anchors, and then copy the ~/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors file back into /System/Library/Keychains ... basically wait until getting 10.3 and do it then).

1. Download the CA cert.
2. Open Terminal
3. run `sudo certtool i ca.crt k=/System/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors`

Make sure you're in the directory where the ca.crt file was downloaded to.

You should be all set. Mail and Safari should stop complaining about the geeklair SSL certificates.

Note that under linux, using Firebird and Thunderbird, you can just tell it to import the key on your first connect and it will be happy.

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ah.. much better. thanks for the info!

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