More balanced news?

If this is real, we might see some news with a more centrist (or slightly left of center) balance.

Sometimes crazy liberals (like me) complain about how there's no liberal counterpart to FOX NEWS (tune in because you JUST MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE and if you don't then you HATE BABIES, you don't hate babies do you?). Of course, I don't think that many people would watch a bunch of lefties who lie constantly (although there are lots of people who like watching right-wingers who lie a lot, so maybe I'm wrong ... I don't think I can make the generalization that people who share my political beliefs are smarter, because there's just so much stupid in the world).

I hope this deal actually goes through. It would be nice to be able to have a news source that isn't NPR or The Daily Show. :)

In conclusion: fries.



It's funny but I actually like the conservative radio. I hate Rush and O'Riley but Michael Savage is pretty entertaining. I hate a lot of his opinions and his ultra conservative views but he's an angry, angry man and that's funny. Not only that, but he does a good job of talking about issues you don't see at all in the other liberal news media. They way I figure it, I listen to Savage and I read the mostly liberal newspapers, add that all up and I am right in the middle. Gore TV will be interesting, I just hope it doesn't end up extreme liberal. It's be nice to have a channel that calmly debates issues and educates instead of brainwashes.

I need to loan you a book. There really isn't any 'liberal news media'.

The ultra-conservative pundits have managed to move the whole political discourse in the country very far to the right (much further than most people).

The biggest problem I have with the ultra-conservative radio shows is that they're filled with half truths, lies, misrepresentations, and logical fallacies. Instead of trying to actually provide insight into things, they just spew rant material (that's usually not true) and then can't be held to it since it lacks the permanence of written word.

But I do hate babies...

As well you should.

... in other non-related news... I was really hoping that Halo2 would be out by now so that we could play when you were in town.

Oh well. Holiday season 1999.

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