Multicolored Asian Ladybeetles

Information here.

A bunch of these have decided that my living room might be a good place to enter. My front window isn't the greatest, so they manage to squeeze through. They're also squeezing around/through the weather-stripping on my front door. I've vacuumed up at least 100 of them today.

They are a pain. Imported from Japan to help control aphids, they now pester me.

Perhaps I can seal off that window ...



I hate thoes things. Remember when the geeklair was covered with them. I still open boxes in my garage and find old carcases.

Yeah, they suck pretty bad.

At least they don't go after food and are relatively harmless (they just want to spend the winter in the warm and then leave in the spring again).

It is pretty irritating that they were brought to the US to control aphids and then just got out of control, though.

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