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Tech jobs moving to India is a disturbing trend. I've heard that some *local* places have priced oh, say, call centers and the like... 8^(

Official terminology: It's not "offshoring," it's "best-shoring!"

Last round of of IT-services contract negotiations where I work was settled largely on the basis of percentage of contract positions to be filled offshore.

India's the best example, but a lot of work is going elsewhere. ACS, the company that is soon to replace EDS as the no.2 IT services firm, likes to build office parks in Ghana, for example.

This is the sort of thing that our market economy is supposed to prevent (% of contract positions offshore shouldn't have anything to do with it, it should be a cost/quality analysis). Theoretically, someone who isn't quite as stupid should be able to out-compete a company that makes those kinds of decisions.

Too bad most markets don't even begin to approach the 'ideal' market conditions necessary for the natural market forces to be able to create an economically efficient equilibrium.

... meh

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