I've got MRTG running again.

Now in addition to being able to see the usage of the server, you can see the usage of my cable modem too.

It's sitting here.



I think you mixed up the LAN and WAN interfaces. Et0 is the LAN, not the cable modem.

Fixed the index page, the individual mrtg pages were correct.

Lot of spikes on that cable modem. Must be porn. Looks to be at least 1 Fayne.

It's no where near 1 Fayne (since I usually get less than T1 speeds and a T1 is only 2/3 of a Fayne).

... oh yeah, and it's not from porn ;)

I think that most of that is from the 10.3.2 update, along with the Java, QuickTime, iTunes, and XCode updates.

I haven't heard referrence to the "Fayne Index" in a while! LOL

I need to get off my lazy ass and get MRTG running at home...

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