"Defillo said race was not an issue"



Did you see this?

"Joseph Bruno, the attorney for Davis, said his client does not believe the assault was racially motivated.

"I know there is a big temptation to go there, but my client firmly believes that is not what is involved here," Bruno said in an interview."


Yes, I saw that.

And while I'll grant that the officers didn't say "Lets go kick some black ass!", I'm sure that race (and class) were involved.

Yes, I agree with you. I can't believe that it took that much violence (or any) to subdue the guy. Absurd. And then the one went after that AP guy by the throat. What a terrible situation.

Did you see how the victim responded? He said something to the effect of "I hold no animosity toward the police officers," and they ended the interview after he was starting to say how the Good Lord would take care of him.

I didn't see the video, do you have a link?

I don't have a link ... but I know CNN, MSNBC and iFilm were all carrying it.

I watched it on CNN, but it's not the video they have online that I saw, it was a different interview.

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